Zombies with pale completion looking for love in all the wrong palaces that walk through asphalt cemeteries. Wear tight jeans and spiky belts and sizers for their Zelda cuts!
I was just raped by this totally hot fashion zombie.
by Doody Grese October 15, 2010
Top Definition
A person with jet black hair, makeup, most often called a goth. Also a song sung by the AquaBats
"These children of the undead look dress for the endless Halloweens
And this horror-like production takes total dedication
Of black clothes and pale complexions
Rock jet black hair to match their make up.
And who can blame them?
They walk the asphalt cemetaries.
These Fashion Zombies.
The must have been born that way. "
by Babbzilla March 18, 2008
1.) A style or practice that comes back into fashion again and again. Contrary to timeless fashions, fashion zombies go out of fashion only to be given new life later on and are sometimes considered juvenile, gaudy, tasteless, or tawdry. Examples include shutter shades, plaid flannels, colored mascara, ripped jeans, popped collars, crop tops, jorts/jean shorts, high rise pants, platform heels, sagging pants, denim jackets, tracksuits, and animal print clothing.

2.) A person who is stuck on an old fashion trend. The trend died long ago, but the person continues to wear that fashion, invoking a kind of "walking dead" aspect to their fashion sense.

3.) A person who mindlessly follows the latest fashion trends, spending money time and time again to keep their wardrobe as up-to-date as humanly possible.
Betsy is such a fashion zombie. She practically replaces her wardrobe every season!
by BasilPesto December 06, 2015
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