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When you sit on the toilet because it feels like you have to take a massive dump, but all you do is fart for 10 seconds or more continuously.
I thought I was going to drop a soccer ball sized turd in the sears but all I did was let out a 14 second fog horn blast of Farty Poo.
by XF_Golden AKA ItsGotPoohOnIt December 01, 2008
When one sits on the toilet with an exceedingly uncomfortable sensation in their bowels expecting to release a large amount of excrement, but instead only releases a trumpeting blast of gas lasting for ten or more seconds
I thought I was going to crap out a soccer ball but instead I disturbed the restuarant with a fog horn sounding farty poo that lasted for at least 15 seconds.

Upon exiting the restroom I was greated with uproarious applause.
by Golden AKA ItsGotPooOnIt December 05, 2008
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