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noun: refering to the knuckle on your finger that, when inserted into the rectum of your sexual partner will cause them to expel gas around your finger and out their ass

dude check this out!!!! Got it in Sherry all the way up to here before I hit the fart knuckle!!!
by free42night August 24, 2006
when someone farts and it sounds like they cracked their knuckle
Jane tried to get away with a quiet fartknuckle, but we all smelled it and blew up her spot.
by wordslanggga December 30, 2014
the fart resulting from intense fist knuckle action. The fart's intensity and smell is equal to the depth and size of the knuckles.
a. wow his hands were so big, i got some gnarly fart knuckles.

b.guy: dude did you just fart knuckle?

other guy: yes, yes i did.

guy:smells like he knew what he was doing.
by JuniorBaconCheeseBelly July 12, 2010

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