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When two people are performing oral on each other's asshole. Just like 69 but with the ass instead. The act of two people tongue-punching the other's fart-box.
Bro, me and Jane had a Fart Boxing match last night. It lasted 3 rounds before she got KO'd.
by ragekageTheD February 23, 2015
Derived from the hotbox, this is when u wait till your entire family is in the car and its raining outside. Once on the highway you fart you fucking brains out but cant open the windows due to the rain outside. All in the car die from odor as you laugh like satan spawn
Dude: just came from the funeral home
Best friend: how'd they die?
Dude: i fartboxed (past tense of fartboxing) the shit out of them last week
by Nickyd123 February 09, 2015
An event where two people trade off cracking farts until one is either out of farts or can no longer stand the smell of his opponents flatus.
Wayne was defeated in an early morning fart boxing match when he admittedly could not take the smell of Joe's bout winning spinach fart.
by dickenballs March 15, 2011

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