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n. Pejorative - unsophisticated or uneducated person, simpleton.
"Farm boy over there couldn't think his way out of a wet paper bag."
by Mr. Pixel August 28, 2009
a farmboy is some one who breeds chickens and makes a bit of money.
farmboy: "hey daniel can we go on the trampoline"
by specane April 22, 2006
The gay porn that is yet to be discovered
John: I've got some porn yo!
Kurt: What kind?
John: Mexican women!!!
Kurt: Fuck that man, it's all about FARMBOYS these days.
John: What's that about?
Kurt: Farmers having sex!
John: ...Genius.
by Soontobemillionaire January 08, 2010
farm boy is some one who lives on a farm and breeds chickens for a bit of money
farm boy :hey daniel can we go on the trampoline


farm boy: hey can i have that shed to store me chickens in it?
by specane April 27, 2006
Someone who lives on a farm that enjoys making love to the assorted animals on the farm.
Instead of calling someone a pigfucker, use the term farm-boy.

Used in a sentence:
"John, you are a pigfucker."
"John, you are a farm-boy"
by Darkness Falls February 24, 2003
it's actualy called Doing the farm boy...
this is the act of pinching one nostrile closed and blowing wads of goo out the other and all over the floor.
"I hate my ex-wife so much,I did a farm boy all over her pillow".
(Great Idea? Rite guys?)
by mavros April 12, 2006
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