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it's another name for hoe. get it a hoe is a farm tool so if you are a hoe, like slut, then you are therefore a farmtool
You're so easy,you farm tool.
by Skara2 September 23, 2010
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An alcholic with very bad aim. Usually hidden under the name Agent Utah this member of team PUBBERS, likes to reach into the excuse bag with famous quotes such as "Site A is Clear" "Behind You" and "The sun is in my eyes" or the most famous "Im Drunk". Leave it to Farm to miss the game winning shot, or to make a very very bad call.
I just got killed in A, Farm Tool you said A was clear
by PUBBERS#1 June 05, 2009
Prostitute, Whore, Hooker, Tramp, Slut, Ho, etc
Damn she's sucha farmtool she can go to that shed and fuck her hoe's.
by delishicious December 03, 2009

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