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During times of overwhelming douchebaggery brought on by a general state of natural confusion from being Leb, Lebanese males will often sport strange hairdos that resemble peacocks and shave odd designs in their facial hair. This usually results in other competing "peacocks" to go one step further and try and out do each other. At the end of this strange ritual we are left with a fairly large group of leb males with greasy hair and flames on their faces for beards. Of course the look is completed with prissy blouses and tight cut off jean shorts.
"Look at Johnny in that flock of Lebs......did his head get burned or something, he looks strange?"

"No buddy, he's wearing his Farahsshat. Apparently his cousin got confused and started fluffing himself up, then you know Johnny can't let that stand and the Farahsshattery began"
by DutchVoodoo December 30, 2011
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