Simply, an abbreviation for Fuck A Nigga Up
"Holy shit, im about to F.A.N.U.!"
by John Crabs February 19, 2009
Top Definition
It's where your anus is on your face.
Anus + Face = fanus
You ugly little fanus!
by Trent and Jamilah October 30, 2004
Someone who doesn't care about girls. He just goes from one to another and tells each and every one of them he loves them when he really doesn't. A player.
That Fanus only wants in a girls pants and then on to the next.
by #yourstruly November 28, 2011
A fan that is so obsessed with a band or artist that they become an anus.
by bopos January 24, 2015
n. Facial-anus. Synonym for "buttface", commonly used as an insult.
Michelle: "God, Anne is the worst, she's such a fanus!"

Alex: "I know right? I can smell her from far away!"
by thefartcorner September 10, 2014
Fire Anus; from to much spicy foods. The feeling your anus gets when you eat or drink things that burn when they come out.
I went to work with a mad case of fanus from to much chicken wings and beer the night before.

Sometimes you realize you have a big day at work and you need to lay off the hot wings because you can't deal with the fanus.
by Dcline319 April 10, 2011
The action of sticking a funnel inside of your anus, then having your girlfriend urinate inside the funnel.
Ally game me some violent fanus sex last night bro. So violent it dropped my swag
by wessypoo July 30, 2013
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