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The renamed month of January where women let their fannies grow freely to raise money for gynaecological cancers. With the catchphrase "Wax is Wak, Bring Muff Back", Fanuary is similar in concept to Movember.
Fanuary was created by myjobspace.co.nz to raise money for the Women for Women charitable trust.
For more information see www.fanuary.co.nz
Jane's boyfriend left her after she decided to take part in Fanuary.
by Catherine J January 08, 2008
The female alternative to Movember
"Care to support your local charity?"

"Sure, how?"

"Oh you know just let your hair down, Fanuary; let it go, let it grow"
by Short and Curly February 16, 2009
Fanuary;- like Movember, Decembeard, Febroary, etc except relates women. Means no bikini wax all month.
Hey Melissa, maybe you shouldn't wear a bikini during January or February if you are participating in 'Fanuary'
by jadejopa February 02, 2013