Four males beat their boners, on to one individuals head. Can either be sexually pleasurable or an act of punishment.
John: So Ashley do you want me and the boys give you a Fantastic Four.

Ashley: OMG, like totally
by Big Red 78 February 27, 2011
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a group of superheroes whose adventures are chronicled in Marvel Comics. Somewhat cheesy, but considered innovative at one time.

They are:

-Mr. Fantasic (alias genius inventor Reed Richards) has a rubbery stretchable body

-Invisible Woman (alias Susan Storm) is able to become invisible and project invisible force fields

-The Thing (alias test pilot, and one of life's greater losers, Ben Grimm)has incredible strength and a hard rocky protective surface all over his body

-The Human Torch (alias Johnny Storm) able to activate a sheath of flames around his body, allowing flight and various heat powers
Fanboy: Galactus is the Fantastic Four's worst enemy.
Fangirl: Pffft! No way, it's Doctor Doom, dude.
by Figleaf23 August 09, 2007
The act of having sex with a girl while she is sucking of one of your friends in front of her, while she is ski poling two of your other friends on her left and right.
Dude, last night was awesome. I love to fantastic four chicks, we all get lucky. Doesn't get much better than that!
by Kim-Jae November 25, 2007
The most fantastic part of women: 2 boobs + left & right ass cheek.
Look at the fantastic four on that chick!
by anteater97 August 14, 2014
1. Television show about super-human heros.
2. Movie about super-human heros.
3. Toilet-Papering group originating in Sunnyvale, CA. that strikes randomly and maintains secrecy.
1. Did your parents ever watch the Fantastic Four growing up?
2. Did you hear they're making the Fantastic Four into a movie?
3. DANGIT! The Fantastic Four got me too!
by The Fantastic Four May 15, 2005
Four amazing people who hang out on weekends. Usually breaking rules and having fun. Generally people don't care of the fantastic four, but they are great people.
You went right back to your fantastic four didn't you?
by Das Ding July 10, 2008
A group of girls that are so freakin hawt, that they stun everyone that comes within their presence. They have qualities such as glamour, humor, smarts, and passion. Within the group there is the fun loving one that loves people and who is always there for her other friends; there is one who loves to have a good time and who always loves to smile- she is a really strong girl; there is another who is absolutely the life of the party, she is blonde and she freakin rocks; and lastly there is the artistic one who goes with the flow and usually keeps the other ones out of trouble. These girls are totally freakin awesome!
Did you see that fantastic four? They are so gorgeous, intelligent, and spicey!
by Artistic December 11, 2006

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