Being awesome, fantastic, and fabulous at the same time.
Something that is extremely amazing
Did you see her outfit?

Yeah it was fantabulous!!!

You are a fantabulous kisser!!
by Emilyab9 March 26, 2013
The mixture of fabulous and fantastic.
When something is extremely cool.
OMG! Did you that movie? It was fantabulous!
by kewlie0103 January 10, 2009
absolutely fan-fucking-tastic and fabulous. Completely mind-blowing.
Girl: omg, you're so fantabulous! I want to get in your pants!

Guy: damn straight.
by the POPOlice November 06, 2008
Mixture of fantastic and fabulous. Makes one sound even more gay than "faaaboulouuuus!" But fun to say and describes something that has no negative aspects to it at all.
Guy: So how was the retreat?

Girl: Oh my gosh, it was fantastic!

Guy: That good?

Girl: No, actually, better, it was fantabulous!
by M.J. West October 22, 2008
Genuine delight and satisfaction to a point precluding any possibility of sarcasm or malice.
IE: You had a baby boy? That's fantabulous!
IE: An orange slushie on a hot day is fantabulous.
by Netah March 18, 2008
To be fantastic and fabulous all is one AND than tramendous; so good as to almost be unreal; Marvelous and attracting.
SHUCKS! i got a 100 percent on that test Ms.Willams! jee willickers i did Fantabulous!!!
by OREE'er October 08, 2007
1. A way of saying, I'm amazed, without using two different words. 2. The Best word to describe amazement.
Holy Sh** that was Fantabulous!!!
by kevinisme September 17, 2007
Combination word - using fantastic and fabulous together as a descriptive word.
Aren't my Jimmy Choo's fantabulous??
by Laudez May 09, 2007

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