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Fucking Angry

See: fungry
Someone calling him a mak!

He must be fangry now!
by Fangry Wang May 14, 2005
The sixth and final stage of hunger which occurs 30 seconds before you die of hunger. It is preceded by by the five other stages of hunger: 1. hungry, 2. fungry, 3. hongry, 4. fongry, and 5. hangry.
Man that Somalian is fangry.
by Capt. Wacky February 10, 2011
Relating to a female; the extreme rage that follows the non-fufilment of promised sexual activity, or unsatisfactory activity.
Derived from the English slang term for female genitalia (Fanny) in combination with Angry.
"I can't believe he canceled on me! I'm so f@#king FANGRY right now!"
"The size or in this case - lack thereof - has really left me fangry to say the least"
by claremydia November 30, 2014
Extremely hungry and angry. A contraction of "fucking", "hungry" and "angry".
I'm so fangry I can't even string a few sentences together.

Fuck! No forks again! And I'm dying to tuck into my chicken... this makes me fangry as hell.
by Linzballs December 02, 2013
"Fake angry"

It's the sort of anger felt when you're in an argument and you know you are wrong but you're mad anyways.
Tina got so fangry at me last night when I told her that the moon wasn't actually made of cheese. She kept arguing that it was and that I lied to her.
by Accidental_discovery June 21, 2016
What happens when a Vampire gets angry.
Stephan sometimes gets fangry
by Kristeena June 03, 2011
The way a dedicated fan feels when they are dissatisfied with something such as an athletic event, celebrity break-up, band tour schedule, or book-to-film adaptation.
Mary became very fangry when she could no longer follow the plot of Lost, but she kept watching it anyway.
by ruckrucker July 14, 2010
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