Top Definition
Female marijuana plant.
Look at the buds on this beautiful fane.
by Joseph Poon September 20, 2003
a shortened romanian version of the name Stephen/Stefan, also met in the form: Phane, where "Ph" stands for the letter F (like in phosphorus).
Call Fane and remind him about our meeting.
by terente January 19, 2012
When a girl looks so fine but she has fake beauty (too much makeup/plastic surgery)
-Bro,look at this chick over there!

-Yeah,I know her... She's Fane
by Chillboï April 08, 2016
means mean or sad can also be spelled feighn
someone isults your best friend you say "thats fane"
by Sam Chaplin December 19, 2004
A stupid cunt bitch who plays uber wow and sucks gm's dick to get what she wants but in the end is hated by every body (she also likes to talk shit behind people backs with her bitch zarkus)
omg look at that cunt fane
by ghosst /xeborz November 08, 2008
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