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In prison rape, to sodomise someone on their back with their legs spread - the missionary position.
None personally. Although one shouldn't be complacent.
by Chris November 22, 2004
prison term, used to describe missionary position sodomy.
Yo son, im gonna hit that fish up family style.
by corn row wallace November 09, 2007
When more than 1 of the homies has hit the same bitch. In this scenario, a chick who's down for this is also known as a "choosy suzy"--as in she'll fuck anyone. Expect nothing but a good time from her and then pass her on to the next 1!
Yo, those fools from Morehouse ran through that jawn from Texas. Yeah, Jessica's family style.
by Big Dick Gregory May 13, 2011
An orgy or gang bang. Refering to the large amount of incest in the south.
hey der doug, hows it goin. Me and da boyz wer just wunderin if we could have a hootin good time and take your sister here down FAMILY STYLE.
by cletus and johnny May 17, 2012
when a group of people that are related (usually men from pine grove) gang up on some one and proceed to funk the sheet out of them.
Yo Bill if your done with her do you mind if me n the guys go family style on her
by frizzle 17970 February 13, 2007
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