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Mother and Father who makes their kids stay home on Saturday to play a Foreign Dice Game.
"Hey Pat can you come out and do something?"

"No its Family Night I have to play a Foreign Dice Game with my family. Its so much fun. See you later."
by Smithers john January 31, 2009
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a night out with the gays, or a night designated as a "gay" night in a drinking establishment or club.
Wednesday and Sunday is family night at the bar. Don't go any other night its full of breeders.
by raeyeofthesun December 27, 2010
When a group of friends or co-workers go out after hours to shady bars, strip joints or otherwise.
"Honey will you be home for dinner tomorrow night?" "Sorry honey, I can't, we got family night here at work, we are gonna see Bambi."
by Big T March 04, 2005

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