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A man who has settled down from an otherwise adventurous lifestyle and started a family. The ultimate destiny of anyone who fights, and subsequently loses to, Guile from the Street Fighter franchise. Family men are known to be overly patriotic due to getting their butts kicked by a man with a tattoo of the American flag on each bicep. Family men are not necessarily male; a small number of females have been known to become family men after facing Guile in combat.
"Go home and be a family man."
--Guile, standing over the broken body of his previous opponent.
by USMCforever October 31, 2010
1.Slang; a gay man (70's slang)

2.Movie; starring Nick Cage (gay?)
1.In a bar, the cop from the Village Pople walks up and asks if you're a family man.
2.(rent the movie)
by Obi-Wan December 09, 2003
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