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A place where a whole group of overeducated snobs, with Masters degrees or higher, use their awesome education to come together and call female celebrities whores,bitch about comic books, and outsnob each other. And find the "Hoyay" in damn near everything. Ruled with an iron fist by somebody who probably wasn't popular in High School.
Hey, I got fired from my job because I kept looking at pictures of Lindsay Lohan's jugs that they put up over at Fametracker.
by Shrimpy Deveraux December 16, 2004

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Catty pop culture queens of snark and the gays who love them, borrowed from the canadian-american Farmer's Almanac parody website of the same name.

Those who peruse Fametracker.com with ruthless abandon.
"Dr. Beaverman of Screening Party is such a fametracker."

"Bstewart is the ultimate fametracker."
by Jane Dark December 21, 2003