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The name locals in Thailand usualy call foreigners, paticularly white foreigners.
An Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese or Mongolian visiting Thailand would NOT be a falung. An American, Briton, Frenchman or Canadian, however, WOULD be a falung.

Thai 1: Wow, look at that woman.
Thai 2: Stupid girl, doesn't that falung know you're not supposed to eat the pepper?

Thai 1: Look - I LOVE that falung's shirt, it's so cute.
by FellowFalung October 06, 2009
4 Words related to Falung
slut rash, skin infection around the balls .
man this bitch i humped gave me a slut rash
by sum dum gai January 27, 2005
n - The name of one who rocks your pathetic world in CS

a - fuck me, i just got falung'd at short
Respect tha skillz that falung be bringin' bihatch, hate the game not tha playa
by Bobo El Petito January 27, 2005

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