Fallout: New Vegas is a Role-Playing game developed by Bestheda Softworks. This game teaches you that taking burned books and pressure cookers will help you survive after a nuclear explosion and is very similar to Anne Hathaway's role in The Devil Wears Prada because you're constantly running stupid errands for stupid people.

It's 75% of the time annoying gameplay consists of running in fucked up zig zags across the Mojave Wasteland completing idiotic quests for 1 of the 3 more powerful groups of people, which results in the other two hating you for no reason. The limit for inventory items is 200, and what Bestheda didn't realize is that it takes more than 200 items to survive 2 seconds without being attacked by a group of unrealistically large scorpions when going to an undiscovered area.

This difficulty causes the player to take everything in their path, which will then cause the player to not only become "overencumbered" with in-game objects, but the several stupid quests that pop up when you're trying to complete just one.

Fallout: New Vegas is so annoying that it provokes the player to keep playing until they've finished it. However, it is actually quite a good game.
Player 1: Hey Come Play GTA With Us.
Player 2: Okay, I'll Play After This Quest.


Player 1: Are You Gonna Play GTA?
Player 2: I'm Playing Fallout: New Vegas. I'll Play After This Quest.
by xXSnakeFistXx2 November 08, 2010
Top Definition
An awesome game from Bethseda Softworks, for lack of a more accurate word this game is the shit. It's everything you dreamt about having in Fallout 3, only more intense. So much more intense that our tiny human brains cannot mentally handle the aazingness, and must contact aliens to await further instructions. The latest game in the series following Fallout 3, it's an easy runner for 2010 Game Of The Year.
Girl: "Hey, you wanna' come screw around tonight? My parents are gone for the weekend."

Guy: "Yeah I'm kinda busy wandering the Mojave Wasteland on Fallout: New Vegas."
by MyOrangeJuiceKid December 04, 2010
Fallout: New Vegas is the most recent game in the Fallout franchise to date, and unlike Fallout 3, it was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, rather than Bethesda Softworks. It adds many new features, such as the Reputation system, which allows you to have different reputations with different factions, rather than the same for all factions. The downside is that the old system, the Karma system, no longer affects gameplay. There are several new additions of ammunition that did not exist in the previous game, such ass the 9mm, the 50 MG, and several others. They also added new weapons to accompany those types of ammunition. They added several new creatures that did not exist in the predecessor as well. The environment is much less depressing than Fallout 3, because rather than ruined buildings and broken up roads, they have an almost beautiful irradiated dedert to travel in. Once you get to the New Vegas area, the lighting of the Strip is beautiful. People complain about bugs, but bugs can be fixed which makes the argument that the game is a piece of shit because of simple bugs is ridiculous. In my opinion, Obsidian did a good ass job on the game and followed (maybe even exceeded)Bethesda's standards. There are more locations, more things to do, more everything. And all is fucking amazing. Buy a copy, it'll do you well.
Jack's Girlfriend: Wanna go get something to eat?
Jack:Hang on, I'm killing Centaurs, Super Mutants, and Legionaries on Fallout: New Vegas.
Jack's Girlfriend: We're through!
Jack: That's fine, I've been cheating on you the whole time.
Jack's Girlfiriend: With who?
Jack: The Mojave Wasteland.
by Courier45234523 July 14, 2011
Fallout: New Vegas, also knows as New Vegas, F:NV, Fallout NV or simply NV is an upcoming game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, published by Bethesda Softworks, is not a direct sequel to Fallout 3 and will be released in the Fall of 2010.
Person A: Can't wait for F:NV ^^
Person B: lolwut?
Person A: Fallout: New Vegas
Person B: Oh yeah... Fallout 3 will still be better tho'
Person A: lol how can you know?
Person B: because Obsidian is making it
Person A: lol stfu
Person B: gtfo and bbq
Person A: hdf
Person B: what?
Person A: german abbreviation for STFU
Person B: >_>
by KernCore May 27, 2010
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