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German Slang for "Halt die Fresse"
it´s like "shut the fuck up"
Uwe: Hey! You´re looking silly!

Marc: HDF bitch!
by rene1103 June 27, 2005
in german hdf is short for "halt die Fresse", which means shut up.
A: I'm gonna pwn u all u noobs!!!11oneone

B: hdf
by Powermatic May 26, 2005
Holy Duck Fuck

extreme "wtf" if u will

u have to shout it when every u use this term
if u see a skater fell and ate shit . .
you say HDF : (HO-LY DUCK FUCK!)
by Julianwithhisniceflow February 14, 2011
Holy Dumb Fuck. An expletive used to declare when something is outrageous.
HDF that's a huge penis!
by chick habit August 31, 2009
Help-desk-friend. A very hot guy that works on the I.T. helpdesk, looks great in a suit and smells awsome!!!
Mong Chong, have you seen HDF lately??
by Dweeble January 20, 2005
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