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pronounced "fay-own", as in Fallon, with espanol flavor.

A hick town in Northern Nevada coined by a very good DJ at KRZQ, El Muchacho. First uttered publicly by KRZQ's best DJ, Mel.
Hey everybody, we're going to drink some shine, go to Fallon and tip us some fuckin' cows. Bring your dates/sisters. Yee-fucking-haaaa!
by Seacrest's Pants June 03, 2006
162 131
A term used to describe a really hot girl.
(When talking about a girl) wow that is a hell of a fallon.
by Taggy February 14, 2006
378 175
a term used to describe a really hot girl. a term meaning incredibly sexy. a boy magnet. a hottie with a body!
An example of Fallon would be a girl named Fallon, duh!
by Jasey Rae February 04, 2008
300 144
1) A word used to describe an exceptionally dangerous ninja.
2) A senior ninja- often found training others or out assassinating people on secret missions.
The prime minister had been killed during his speach, but it all happened so fast no one could see what happened.
This was undoubtedly the work of a fallon.
by Jonypony September 21, 2006
170 79
An adjective used to describe a person or object in a positive
Man, that movie was seriously fallon.
by Zimbo Jim August 23, 2006
195 117
A girl whose a true individual.
Wow, why isn't that person following the crowd?

She's a Fallon.
by Psnmm January 03, 2010
106 39
The devil with a pretty name.
I think I saw Fallon looking for a knife to stab me again...
by iLoveUhate March 19, 2010
102 38
Fallon is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She's fairly quiet, even around her best friends, unless shes REALLY comfortable. She doesn't have high self esteem but she cares a lot about what others think. Fallon doesn't think she's pretty or anthing special, but she is always a great friend. A Fallon is very nice and generous, often too generous for her own good. She is loved by her friends and misunderstood by the world. Overall, a great girl.
Friend 1: Wow Fallon is so weird.
Friend 2: Nah, she's just shy.
Friend 1: You sure?
Friend 2: Positive. She's my best friend.

*after Friend one gets to know Fallon*
Friend 1: Wow! You were right! She is really nice!!! :D
by geezitshannah July 14, 2011
77 28