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The most incredible girl in the world. She is kind hearted, optimistic and immensely passionate about true love that will last through the ages. She is one in a (current population of the planet). She is most beautiful princess. She is considered weird to the all but perfect to one.
She is a Falli to me, always have and always will.
by Fantastic Follower August 30, 2013
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1)mispelling of phallus(the scientific name for the male reproductive organ)

2)can also be used as an insult
1)"look at how flacid his fallis is"

2)"omg, that kid is such a fallis. not only does he gel his hair but he steals people's essays too!"

"i think id kill myself if my last name was fallis"
by herbie versmelz March 19, 2006
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adjective, when a women’s fat overhangs her pussy (3)
ahah, i bet that women has a fallis
by Pat Wallwork November 05, 2006
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