A finishing sexual position. Bed doggystyle. When the male is in the process of ejaculation, he shouts, "FALCON PUNCH" and thrusts with all his might, consequently knocking his partner off of the bed and decreasing her stock by one.
"We were making love all night long in my room and it was so magical that I had to end it with a Falcon Punch. It was beautiful."
by CairoFalk October 24, 2009
What happens when you divide by zero.
Teacher: So Tommy how do you finished this problem?

Tommy: I subtract 10, then divide by zer-

Teacher: Oh no u dint

*Tommy gets a Falcon Punch to the face...
by ihatelifemorethanyou December 17, 2009
captain falcon of f-zero's special move. it is a flaming punch that calls forth the power of the falcon to blast your enemy into oblivion. simple to perform. also works as a cheap abortion.steps are as follows:
1.) assume dramatic punching pose
2.) yell "FALCOOOOONN!
3.)punch and yell "PAAAWWWWNNNCCHHH!!"
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that is the true Falcon Punch
by the great el-fabuloso September 05, 2008
1. a move used by Captain Falcon from the F-Zero series; a destructive punch that when launched takes the form of a flaming falcon

2. a internet meme that is referred to as the strongest thing in the world and can not be rivaled by anything, commonly used as something to destroy something the user finds useless or annoying; internet meme used to ban something
Ex. 1 Person 1: Man I just failed my my math test...
Person 2: You know what to do...
Person 1: Falcon Punch!

Ex. 2 Chat Room Participant 1. Come to this site in order to gain free Wii hacks!
Chat Room Moderator : Falcon Punch!
by ShadowXChaos August 24, 2009
While railing a chick from behind, conspicuoulsy wrap your hand in a cloth pre-doused with a flammable liquid of your choice. Light the cloth on fire and then pull out like your ready to give her your load. As she turns around, get down on one knee and shout "Falcon Puuunch" and proceed to punch her in the face with your hand on fire.
Joe - "So why did the fire department come to your house last night?"
Steve - "I accidentally caught the drapes on fire giving my wife the falcon punch"
by Jondace Johns October 22, 2008
The cause of, and solution to, all Chuck Norris jokes.
person 2: Chuck Norris was one of the original three wise men; he gave Jesus the gift of beard.

person: There are only two things hard enough to cut through diamond - other diamonds, and Chuck Norris.
person 2: FALCON PUNCH!!
by Simim May 15, 2008
The act of upper cutting the taint/guch area, and lifting the person 1-3 inches in the air causing a girlish scream. All while yelling, "falcon punch!!"
Justin took a brutal falcon punch while going up for a rebound, I think he about did a front flip.
by Brownsfan02 July 03, 2012
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