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Tanning at a tanning Salon
"HB went to go fake bake, to look good for the Halstead Street parade"
by Pater August 15, 2003
when bitches go to tanning salons to get thier tans, because they cant move their lazy asses outside and get a real one
Lorry: did you see that girl?
Bob: the one with the fake bake?
by you do not know me..... May 03, 2003
incense and potpourri, synthetic marijuana that fucks you up...good
also known as herbal incense, packages say not intended for human consumption but 2 tears in a bucket n fuck it.
by WCKDHAz3d1305 April 24, 2013
Some one who takes one hit of a joint and claims to be baked, even though you know they didn't even inhale.
Person 1:"Did you see how dumb Holly acted after she took that hit?"
Person 2:"Yeah she's totally a fake bake!"
by Count Cockula April 24, 2008
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