To con coworkers into believing you are taking a shit when, in effect, you are someplace else not taking a shit and also not working for an extended period of time... and probably doing drugs.
Deej: Dude. Where the fuck is that carnie? He's supposed to be doing these dishes!

Ceej: Who knows... Probably went to Fake a Shit. Again.
by Ceeej November 06, 2007
Masturbating while sitting on the toilet.
My wife was not putting out last night, so I had to fake a shit.
by VRAGMOTOR March 17, 2010
The act of hiding out in the bathroom stall while checking your phone for a 1/2 hour
Chad pulled a fake a shit, I heard, his phone, playing angry birds while he was in the shitter
by Psyko Tek May 31, 2014

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