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The creepiest guy you'll ever meet. A guy that is or has the ability to be a rapist.
Person 1: Dude I just got an email from this super hot girl on the internet. She says she wan't to see me! Should I go?

Person 2: Hell no!!! That girl is probably a total Faison....you'll go to her house and she'll be a grown man and he'll rape and kill you!!
by Super Sham Blam January 28, 2010
A term used to describe intelligent, well-groomed males. Faison's are typically well-read, athletic, and good-natured.

Faison could also be used as a knick-name for a ladies man.
Jon: "Wow guys like that get all the luck"

Doe: "Yea, thats a Faison for ya. Watch out 'cause he'll take your girl."
by NeverDUN September 21, 2010
To be slow or to fail a certain situation
Depending the situation it could also mean to speak of unnecessary topics.
I dont want to hear your Fais-On
by Wenbot December 28, 2010