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From the Mortal Kombat term Fatality, meaning a bloody and brutal finishing manuever. Failtality is a term used to describe a bloody and brutal failure.
Dude: Guys, check this out! *Does something stupid and breaks his arm*
Guys: Omg, dude, liek... failtality, man.
by Ifrit December 24, 2005
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When someone fails and it has painful or near death results.
Man falls from high roof because it had snow on it and nearly broke his neck FAIL-TALITY
by Buzzworthington January 17, 2009
A blended word derived from the combination of Fatality and Fail, a "Failtality" occurs when someone dies in the course of a Fail.
A: This one guy fell of his bike while trying to show off for some chicks and hurt his leg meat real bad!
B: Fail!!
A: He also died!
B: Failtality!!!
by Natas 1976 October 15, 2009
when some one drastically disrespects another or himself in chat room
bob:dude gtfi
keno:what a major failtality you cant spell GTFO
by kenosama August 07, 2009

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