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1.Noun: The pure essence of fail.
Adjective: When something has or is going to fails so hard, that no other word fits.

2.An exclamation of defeat or anger.

This food tastes so bad that it must be covered in failsaunce.

Today's test was pure failsauce.
by Dragonheart91 August 20, 2008
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The sweetest sauce of all, i.e. the sauce that something is drenched in when they fail epicly.
Person 1: Oh sh*t! I just remembered that i slept with Oprah Winfrey last night!
Person 2: Did you enjoy it?
Person 1: Yeah... Yeah, I think I did... I dunno, i was plastered...
Person 2: Mmm... sweet, sweet failsauce...
by Peter Buckett December 09, 2009
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If you could take all the failure of man kind and grind them all up into a paste, that would be fail sauce.
Zomg she is such fail sauce.
by WeinerSnitzel September 18, 2008
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staples mixed with Wattered down oatmeal.
by aaaction paaacked January 27, 2009
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a delicious and spicy metaphorical sauce that only should be used when describing major douchebags or assholes.
"wow that douchebag is a fail sauce. he deserves death."
by junksauce February 17, 2008
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Created by the last secretion (the seminal fluid) during masturbation in the shower which leads to what was supposed to be a gelatinous plug to safeguard the sperm becoming an extremely tacky crotch adhesive that ruins the next 4 hours of your life.
Person1: "So like she tried to put it in and it wouldn't reach."
Person2: " U R Failsauce."
by PolecatQC August 18, 2009
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An expansion on the term "/fail"

A higher degree of saying "you fail at life" or in that particular instance of whatever they did.

Commonly used in MMORG style games, chat program or Ventrillo.
"So last night I totally got with Shelly!"
"400lb Shelly?!"
"Dude... Failsauce!"
by Daakal October 08, 2008
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