An expansion on the term "/fail"

A higher degree of saying "you fail at life" or in that particular instance of whatever they did.

Commonly used in MMORG style games, chat program or Ventrillo.
"So last night I totally got with Shelly!"
"400lb Shelly?!"
"Dude... Failsauce!"
by Daakal October 08, 2008
Noun: A pool without the swimmers. What every 20-year-old male wishes they had, what every 30-year-old male has nightmares about.
After my vasectomy I quit buying rubbers. I'm packin' failsauce.
by Brent Cartier December 10, 2007
Something said to someone who has made a bad joke or has done something so retarded that the fail at life.
Someone misses a game winning shot. You would scream FAIL SAUCE!!!
by Corwad October 23, 2007
fail so hard it liquifies
your fail, just became failsauce
by fail234 December 15, 2009
A word that is implied to have something to do with fail. This is correct. This can mean anyone including:
1. a n00b or noob
2. a stupid person
3. anything that fails
n00bs fail. they are the ones that make up the great failsauce nation.
by Psudonym1212 June 21, 2009
One that fails and eats the sauce in which caused them to fail.
Person: I think i failed that test, holy dipshittings!

Person2: Man you really tasted the failsauce on that 9$ sandwich on that one!
by John Hart March 15, 2005

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