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An arabic name that means sexy. Historically, a name given to the alpha male of a specific society who tends to woo girls from miles away.
God dayum, all those girls run to the Fahim of our group!
#sexy #hot #cute #handsome #bootylicious
by jenniferXsexyX August 22, 2010
A fairylike individual who mostly drifts off into the depths of her mind, a world in which there are only rainbows and unicorns. Sightings of the Fahim are rare during the summer, as she retreats back to her land, however if you are lucky enough to encounter her, she will most likely be wearing pink attire and will radiate a juicy couture scent.
Person 1. - "Hey, Fahim... Why are you confused?"
Fahim - "Sorry, did you say my unicorn turned purple?"
#fairy #rainbows #unicorns #marijuana #cray
by rukzzzz July 25, 2014
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