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It's a gay dragon!!!
OHH EMM GEE That dragon from dragon tales is such a fagon!
by sugarnipples April 03, 2009
A dragon who only kidnaps princes and who is stereotypically gay. He doesn't like to breathe fire due to it upsetting his singing voice for the Drag Dragon Bar.
Man, that guy is a FAGON.
by DragonExpert927 June 01, 2011
A fagon is used to describe a homosexual male who is more flaming than a fire-breathing dragon.
Richard Simmons, George Michael, Mr. Slave, and Adam Lambert are all examples of Fagons.
by I love hairy pussy January 23, 2012
a response to any act, statement, or question that is retarded, gay, or otherwise pisses you off.
shorty #1- I just put 22s on my ford focus

shorty #2- wow, fag on!
by marky r November 18, 2006
Like fag, insult to gay people, or to non gay people, hey it can aplly to anyone who is a dick.
See dick, retard, moron, faggot, gaylord, cock muncher], whore.
Fagon means all of those over spiteful phrases combined, reserved for only the most filthy scum of the earth (people).
A lot of people are fagons.
by Jesus March 24, 2004

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