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When someones Gayness is too good for anyone elses.
Your quite Fagacious today.
by BJeezy6 October 23, 2010
Some that is sorta homosexual in nature. A bit on the femanite side.

fagity plus gayish
Man those guys where acting really fagacious.

Will and grace is a fagacious show.
by jamal Sims a.k.a Jmazing June 08, 2005
More than gay. also describes someone who is such an extreme cockblocker they might as well be taking it them selves

person A:The movie was so fucking gay
Person b: No that movie was Fagacious


person A: Yo Reese is such a cockblocker he's always getting between me and lina
Person b: yea i know that dude is mad fagacious
by Urbandictionaryerer May 21, 2009
To appear so hugely homosexual that the only appropriate label for oneself would be fagacious
Tim is really fagacious when he wears his duck boots
by Narragansett2k15 April 23, 2015

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