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fag·juice (fag·joose) noun
1. One of the rarest juices in the world, extracted from root of fagitus, found only in several of the worlds dormant volcanoes.

2. Often used as an insult to express anger when a friend does not wish to show you their new butch haircut.
1. Now this, children, is known as root of fagitus. Highly toxic, I suggest you do not consume.

2. Person 1: I will not send you a picture of my haircut, Katrina. It's too butch for my liking. You will have to see it for yourself on Monday.
by ihatethesethings June 05, 2010
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The act of being a homosexual, fag, or Zei Kirin, while being an idiot.
You steaming cup of fagjuice.
by MC Hammer 2K3 January 21, 2004
The white slimey sticky substance that shoots from a male's penis into another male's rectum.
"Chad's ass smells like fag juice! And Courtney licks it!"
by Chris Fanara April 15, 2007

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