Top Definition
A type of chip simillar to the Dorito, except it's made by fags, for fags. Active ingredient is cock, and comes in two unique flavors, cum blast and dirty sanchez supreme.
Fagitos are illigal everywhere except france
by King Of Jing August 04, 2006
A fag + burrito = fagito =)

its that simple
Fag eating a Burrito
"Hey man, i went to taco bell today for some lunch and i saw a fagito!"
by hurley6582 December 17, 2008
a fag(bundle of sticks) in spanish
before i cross the border i have to get a fagito
by basketballguy55 May 20, 2009
a fat fag who peeps in ugly woman's windows
a fagito should be arrested
by stavro August 26, 2006
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