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commonly used to diss people with the name aldo.
Aldo: why cant we go over here

Person 1: SHUT UP FAGDO!

Person 2: YAA FAGDO!
by panda101101101 May 08, 2011
The gay man's equaivalent of a Stag Do. A party for gay men prior to either marry or become civial partners.
Tradition states that the Fag Do takes place in a venue or bar where heterosexual women tend to frequent.

The Fag Do attendees are to wear pink cowboy hats and a white square piece of card on their person (in the form of a learner plate), that has a large pink letter P and in smaller black text the work practicing.

One of the party games should include kissing as manny heterosexual men as possible.
by Lord Seddon October 23, 2011
Similar to a dickfor, a fagdo is used to get someone to fall into your trap for personal enjoyment.
Also can be used when someone is acting very gay or stupid.
1:Dude, stop being such a fagdo.
2:What's a fagdo?
1:(Laughing) Exactly the same shit you are doing right now
by poetker April 21, 2005