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1. The act or process of smoking a cigarette.

2. To smoke a 'fag' or cigarette.
I enjoyed a quick fagburn outside while waiting for the others.
by NeptuniumDays August 14, 2010
A burn created from a lit cigarette being put out.
Jimmy, last night you went and left me a fag burn on my shirt!!
by HHHandle93 August 06, 2010
A burn mark created by a lit cigarette (fag).
WTF!! You left a fagburn on my new sofa.
by heavy smoker December 02, 2010
When a straight/bi male encounters another straight/bi male during an orgy and he quickly decides to ignore the encounter by initiating butt sex with a neighboring woman participant.
That was a great fagburn we got ourselves into earlier.
by AcuteHamburgerSyndrome August 04, 2010
When gay men have anal sex too fast without sufficient lubrication, the resulting rugburn-like rash on either male is known as fagburn.
"Why's Jakob walking all wierd like that?"
"I heard Leroy gave him fagburn."
by roxxingcoxxors April 21, 2008
When gay dudes have buttsex too fast without enough lube and one of them gets like rugburn but in the butt.
Dude I heard that Ryan and Clyde had buttsex so hard that ryan has some serious fag burn.
by Ddogdizzle December 04, 2007

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