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(pronunciation: Fah-foo-nah) 1.) Originially Portugese: In direct and unabated reference to female genitalia, specifically, the vagina. The American equivalent of 'pussy', or the UK English 'crumpet'. 2.) Used in a negative description of an unscrupulous, sneaky, non trustworthy person. 3.) Negative term in conjunction with the following: Whore, slut, pro, skank, bimbo, bimbozoid, slag woman, fag hag, along with any other bad reputation in the sexual content of all.
Sexual encounter: "Julie has a gorgeous 'fafuna', man!"

Car buyer: "I would buy the car, but the salesman is a real 'fafuna'! I don't trust him at all!!"

Observation: "That new guy doesn't like nice girls, he wants some 'fafuna' instead! Likes the kinky stuff."
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 07, 2008

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