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the act of becoming extremely belligerent and embarrassing yourself due to alcoholic beverages; being aggressively crazy
My mother was so facy last night, she totally flashed the school principle at the PTA meeting. Why she brought her flask there, I don't know.

That guy was a facy mofo. He made two kids fight in the middle of the street with sproks.

We're getting facy tonight!!!!!
by AATF January 14, 2011
Short for Facebook. Usually used by hip, in-crowd high school students and young trendy adults.
I'll put the photo up on Facies tonight bra.

That hot chick I got with on Friday added me on Facies, I didn't accept her request in fear that my girlfriend might find out about her. All in the game yo.
by Awesom-0 September 14, 2008
a man who never tires of making himself look good, uselly have extremelly buetiful eyes and always has a girl with him.
wow man look at that facy guy over there i really am jelous of his sexyness
by Bob mclarnin June 03, 2010
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