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One who excessively adds people as friends on Facebook even if they have little or no association with those people. As a result, it appears that they are more popular than they actually are.
Wow, Jenson has more than 800 friends on Facebook, that's crazy!

Dude, he's just a huge facefag, he added my sister who he's never even talked to!
#face #fag #facebook #friends #popular #cyberfag
by Lenquist December 02, 2008
A unpopular person, who will always comment on popular girls statuses, photos, anything on facebook in hope to start a conversation. Because they are unpopular, the popular girls only respond with one word.
Popular Girl: Cant wait for new moon!
Facefag: Oh cool! Who are you going to see it with?
Popular Girl: Nobody.
Facefag: Oh, you gotta go with somebody.
Popular Girl: Go Away.
#fag #fake #loser #douchebag #ass
by M4D D0WG December 16, 2009
Anyone over the age of 18 that uses a "social networking" site to make imaginary friends.
Face fag: I, like, announced my party on Facebook, like, and, uh, then Mary said she would, like, make it after her, like, spa treatment, and, like...
Me: You fucking face fag
#face #fag #facebook #myspace #homo #retard
by big0mike July 06, 2009
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