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When someone takes a vacation from Facebook, a popular social networking site that it notoriously addicting. Facecations are usually taken to spend more time on homework, activities, job, etc.
JOE SHMO is taking a Facecation, bbl. =)

"Why is Joe never on Facebook?"
"He's taking a Facecation."
by Sharpie Rainbow September 10, 2008
Changing check-in location on Facebook and posting from places or cities you would like to travel to. Posting a virtual vacation on Facebook.
5 minutes ago in Memphis, TN. *while sitting at home*= facecation
by Tricky1234 March 10, 2013
Sharing of only the best aspects of your trip, travel or event, giving the perception of a perfect life. A facecation never includes tantrums, flight delays, poor hotel room views or reality.
Hey sis, I love following every stop on your facecation last week, no, really I wanted to punch you in the throat for every post!
by ODOGG_KS July 05, 2013
When someone takes a break from facial grooming (i.e. shaving).
"I decided not to shave today. I'm taking a facecation."
by McMac777 April 22, 2010
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