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All relevant news about exciting weather seen as status updates from your nearby friends on facebook
-Milton checks facebook-
Milton: MOM! No school! It's a snow day!
Mom: But we didn't get the call from the school yet. How would you know?
Milton: I just checked the facecast!

Bill: Aw crap, looks like rain all day today.
George: You get the weather channel on your iPhone?
Bill: Nah, who needs that? The facecast is calling for storms, man! Everyone is posting about it!
by Original-gersh January 27, 2011
A Facecast is basically an unofficial podcast on Facebook. It is made by posting music onto your Facebook status with information about the artist/brief description of the song. Its when someone posts music daily/weekly on their status's for their friends to enjoy
"Hey have you been keeping up with Joe's facecasts? He has some great taste!"
by Statyx August 18, 2009

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