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The act of posting only statuses that depict you as happy wealthy and wonderful.
If I see Darla facebraggart one more status about her perfect day, dinner, hot tub or carribean vacation Im totally gonna defriend her.
by scarpettasautopsy June 21, 2009
An individual who, when they have completed an act they are

proud of, posts it multiple times as their status on a social

networking site until they feel they have earned enough

attention for it. FaceBraggarts are most commonly Attention

s too.
Mitch: Jake posted about his fight five times on FB last night

Alec: He only got 1 like on the first three, but the fourth and fifth got him a few comments.

Mitch: That kid is a serious FaceBraggart
by Me and Mr. Split May 01, 2011
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