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A person who logs onto to the website Facebook.com and uses it regularly.
"Man, you really need to stay away from those facebookians..."
by B33C00l July 02, 2013
Meeting an old friend whom you haven't seen in years in person and having an experience like looking at all your old high school photos posted on Facebook.
I ran into Margie from 7th grade the other day and it was a really facebookian encounter.
by Shane's mom 63 January 01, 2009
Any person or persons that apparently cannot exist with out facebook for a day.

A person who posts updates on facebook before telling people in the same room what is happening.

A person who does ball by ball updates to facebook from their mobile on an event or date.
Ey boy them facebookians have the network running slow.

2:30am and you uploading photos of the party? A true facebookian indeed.

You aint see the facebookian uploading photos of the food before he eat the thing...
by XpideR G August 12, 2009
All meh BFF's that use Facebook are referred to as "Facebookians". I created the term in 2009 and many people now use the term since I started using it. It's all in fun and to show da love for meh peeps on FB!!!
Have an awesome day, meh Facebookian children!" "Heart all of you fellow Facebookians. Word!
by YoCasperBWord May 24, 2011