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The partaking or observing a heated cyber argument on someone's facebook wall. Usually results in one of the parties involved getting their ass beat at a party by the other people involved.
Katelynne shouldnt have started shit over facebook, thats why she got her ass beat by Krista. Thats a FaceBook War.
by T_G_Nukkah January 25, 2010
What couples can get into with post over the bulletin board on Facebook.
Look at Sallys Facebook post. She must be in a Facebook war with Jim.
by Baker_balls December 05, 2010
When two people are not friends on Facebook, yet they take stabs at each other through their status updates, making them public for the other party to see.
Facebook Wars:

Mary Smith: Really hates when people like YOU stalk my page, get a life and quit stalking mine!

Jane Doe: Your life is not THAT interesting for me to stalk, get over yourself!
by Laughing at Everyone January 11, 2012
When Facebook friends share humorous, insulting, and distasteful post on one another’s Facebook wall, resulting in the more intelligent as the victor.
Tom’s post was brilliant! Clearly, Kim should have known better than to have started a Facebook War with him.
by MeKillaKeeNe March 18, 2015
the act of posting fabulous pictures of yourself and others to make your nemesis jealous and think you are living an absolutely taggable life
"did you see her new pictures!? i cant belive shes hanging out wiht them!"

"ya- Now its an all out facebook war!"
by Bannie July 22, 2008
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