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Finding a girl who is at least an 8/10 (10 is high, sorry for all you titanic creepers wanting to crack one off to an ugly bird) clicking on the full screen image to maximize the picture to the biggest possible size and then taming your beast.

After the action you must poke her on facebook. The idea is she doesn't know about it, that might be kinda creepy and you wouldn't wanna be known as the creeper you really are by a girl you're never going to get now, would you?

Also referred to as Facebook Sexed.
Matt: "I had such good sex last night"
Josh: "Oh congratulations mate, you finally lost your virginity?"
Matt: "No, I facebook sexed Sophie"
Josh: "Ohhh right..well did you poke her at the end?"
Matt: "Yeah of course, i'm well experienced at facebook sexing and have plently of experience"
Josh: "Wait, WTF, Sophie who? That better not be my Sophie!"
by Brooksmeister March 29, 2010
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