Party involving friends you mostly interact with online. Physical interaction may be awkward.
Wow, this Facebook party is really lame, who are these people?!
by sokirk September 29, 2011
Top Definition
A time in which a large number of people log on to facebook because they are either bored or have nothing better to do. Often occurs at LAN parties in between games or in class while the professor babbles on about something. See also Myspace Party.
I just owned you in that game! You set up the next one, I''m having a Facebook party.
by Xantitide October 23, 2007
When two or more friends who can not meet up due to geographical differences, drink simontaniously and chat on facebook.
Hey, since you'll be outta town this weekend, do you want to have a Facebook Party Saturday night?
by KyleASU July 07, 2009
a period when, while logged onto Facebook, most friends you typically Facebook Chat, as well as those whom you usually wish might Facebook Chat you ; ) , are all online at the same time.
Girl 1: "Jane, whatsup? omg so I love how Abby, Katie, Jessica, and Alyssa are all online right now."

Girl 2: "Ik, right?! Oh, heyy, but so are Brad, Erik, and Sean : )"

Girl 1: "This is a total Facebook Partyyy"
by Aurea Dea February 21, 2011
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