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When nothing has happened on Facebook since your last login. Facebook drought can make you feel sad, because it makes you realize that you've logged in 5 times within the last 2 hours. This shows that, for the moment, you don't have much of a life at all.
Example #1:

Person 1: Stop bothering me, go away and do something.
Person 2: Sorry...Facebook drought.

Example #2:

Person 1: You're ok? You seem a bit down today?
Person 2: I'm's just...Facebook drought.
Person 1: Oh...I'm sorry, man. I didn't know...
by Waow Rabalder March 03, 2010
a period of time on facebook where you don't post on friends' wall, update statuses or have any activity on facebook.
Me: I was facebook creeping on myself the other day. I've got a facebook drought from October to November.
by monstersincx3 October 20, 2010
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