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The act of stalking friends/foes on Facebook to see what they are up to. This varies from viewing profiles infrequently to full on stalkage of the Norman Bates kind. Helpful when you want to see what your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, ho and frienemies are up to.
Sabrina S. - Hey girl, why are you bummed?
Step - I went on Facebook and saw that Billy Bob's profile changed, he's in a relationship with that ho Jneen.
Sabrina - You need to chill the fuck out, and quit Facebook Stalking, damn.
by ssatanica April 07, 2009
verb, a way of learning more about a person you know (or don't know), by reading their wall posts, information, or viewing their pictures, all anonymously.
1) This girl in my chem class is cute, i will have to facebook stalk her to find out more about her.
2) I found this guy i have never met before on facebook, i will have to facebook stalk him to learn more...
by l3ftyman October 18, 2007
To look at a person's facebook profile in detail to learn more about them and what they are doing. Reading their wall posts and looking at the recent activity.
Do you have to facebook stalk me while I'm right here? It's a little creepy
by ByRd December 11, 2007
Verb. To ascertain information about an individual through the internet networking site Facebook.
Paige: How did you know that about me?
Tom: I facebook stalked it.
Paige: Woah, creepy.
Tom: You facebook stalk, too. Don't lie.
Paige: Oh yes. You are so clever.
by Ricky Williams and Dante's Inferno February 24, 2008
After recently adding someone as a friend, the person who friended the other person first looks through a ton of pictures on the second persons profile.
I facebook stalked Amanda last night after she accepted my request. He profile pictures are all hilarious.
by urbandictionaryuser473 July 02, 2009
The acting of looking up a person you don't know on facebook. Often times you may just have a first name and one other random fact such as a place of employment. This is often times used to find out more about a person than you reasonably should know.
Ah! I facebook stalked that girl and she doesn't actually have a boyfriend!
by Holla328 July 12, 2009
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