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1. A celebrity whom has a Facebook based on his/her life memoirs either written by them or for them. Can be fan based or authentic.

2. A person whom, ambiguously but desperately seeks attention from one thousand plus friends in attempts to have the only kind of fame they will most likely ever get in their lives. They do this by trying to look cool, posting statuses they think are funny but are actually annoying to others, and by starting drama between one or more persons. Also, see "attention whore".
Man, Alisha is such a Facebook Celebrity. She tries so hard to be cool.
Yeah, all the people that like her status are prolly just feeling sorry for her.
#attention whore #whore #drama queen #bitch #crayola face
by Toilet Launcher January 14, 2012
Facebook user that has ton's of friends and keep posting status updates, cool pictures but in reality they're not cool, unknown and photogenic.
Guy 1: I Wish could date this girl named Selena on Facebook, shes cool and fine as hell.

Guy 2: Dude, she's Susan from downtown and average girl, and she's definitely a Facebook Celebrity.
#facebook #celebrity #photogenic #photoshopped #unknown
by Observer9 May 27, 2011
Someone who maxed out their friend list on facebook and is well known.
Joe Hollywood is both a myspace and facebook celebrity!
#facebook #celebrity #facebrity #myspace #joe #hollywood
by Pamx September 15, 2009
a person who brags daily on Facebook about how much money they have, but they have never bought a house or luxury car.
"Girl, he's a Facebook Celebrity! Did you see the pictures of his stacks posted on the News Feed?"
#baller #hood rich #hustler #ghetto superstar #superstar
by tori95live September 04, 2011
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