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A girl who gets a bunch of likes on her ("Artsy") profile picture, but isn't particularly attractive and/or popular. Most likely because she has a good camera and is good at editing.
Kid- Yo, check out this hot girl that just hit me up.

Friend- She's not that hot man.

Kid- What do you mean?! She has 300 likes on her profile picture!

Friend- Yea, but she's only a Facebook beauty.
by LanaDelJane November 25, 2013
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A female who looks good in her pictures on facebook, but not in person.
Mate 1: Check this girl out. Been talking to this girl on facebook, meeting her on friday.

Mate 2: Damn she looks good.

Mate 1: Well that was a disaster, she was a facebook beauty. Good on facebook, but not in real life.
by A3X-EZEKIEL March 18, 2011

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